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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Can I display how many people are looking at my website?

John from Maryland writes in that he wants to display some sort of widget or as he said it... "Doo-Hickey" to show off the multitudes of people looking at his page. We covered this exact sort of thing a long time ago during revision .01 of

The module got axed somewhere along the way but it looks like it is about time to revisit it. Do you use something else or does this Whos.Amung.Us widget do it for you? We added it back to the sidebar towards the bottom (go ahead scroll and look - I'll be right here.)

Take pride in how many users are reading your rants and display it on your site :)

From the site:

Want to know who's on your site and where they came from, in real time?

Then give us 30 seconds and we can answer that question for you! Just take the code on the right (Edit: On their site) and insert it into every page on your site.

No setup or registration required.

Not only do we tell you the number of people online, but we also show you the pages people are reading and where in the world they're coming from. Need historical data too? We do that for you automatically.

All this in all a cute little widget doo-hickey for your website or blog. Compact, lightweight, and free. Just the way we like it at Oh and apparently now they have a Firefox plug in that will tell you how many people are looking at your site with out you being one of them!

Oh and did you see the new XKCD comic today? Hysterical!