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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is going on when I start up my PC?

We have been using the infamous MSCONFIG.exe for years now (closer to a century) and have tested several applications that improve upon it. But thanks to MyMyTech.com we found a new favorite!

(Maybe not! Have you guys seen AutoRuns from Microsoft?Thanks Igor!)

This program is appropriately named StartUpList and it does what it says and more! This little baby has so much information that I feel like a chump for using MSCONFIG for so long!

Here is the download link from BleepingComputer.

After browsing through my start up items - I was shocked at what it found and got rid of a bunch of crap real quick like.

Do you use startup editors or applications? Let us know in the comments!

Authors Description of StartupList: A simple tool that lists all and every auto starting program on your system. You might be surprised what it finds, this is way better than Msconfig. Commonly used to troubleshoot malfunctioning systems, trojan/viral infections, new spyware/malware breed and the likes. Compatible with: All Windows versions. Version: 2.02