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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mount Your Mac on Your PC Using Target Disk Mode.

You read that right homeboy.

Now that I have jumped deep into the pool that is Apple I have discovered some tricks that those fan boys don't want you to know.

I am going to combine two of them into one tip for you out there in AtA land.

They are reading ANY MAC disk on your PC or from within BootCamp. And the other is to use Mac's fancy smancy ultra insecure target disk mode to turn a MAC of your choosing into nothing more than a glorified firewire drive sans security!

NO SECURITY! What was Jobsy thinking?

You may or may not know that while booting up your Mac OS X machine if you hold down the T key as in 'Target Disk Mode' you will boot up to a large firewire logo. You are now in target disk mode. This is made so you can connect another MAC and seemlessly transfer gobs of information from the two of them.
The MAC that is in target disk mode shows up as a volume on your mac. Now if you have a firewire port and a buddy's your womans and your own Mac Book you can try this at home. We know you are dying to see if you can access its files after you throw it into target disk mode, plug her into your PC and keep on rolling.
I'll wait go try it out!

Normally it would not because the HFS disk is not readable by a PC... Sorry for being a spoil sport but who told you to stop reading :)

At least it does not see it by default.

Going way back there is MacDrive . It lets you view MAC volumes on your PC and this works great with target disk mode and a PC but it costs about $40 and that just sucks! But after doing my due dilligence I found HFSX Viewer which lets you do the same thing (kinda) currently it only allows to read and copy and not modify but hey if you are going into steal data snoop around recover files than your all good. And it is FREE!

Don't worry we won't tell... Unless they bribe us that is!

Oh and I have one more use for this HFSXplorer - use it on a PC to view/copy files from you iPod! Now if it could only write... Hmm Maybe MacDisk is an alternative after all!
(Must... Kick... BitTorrent... addiction!!)