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Saturday, May 03, 2008

I just got a Mac how the hell do you Control Alt Delete?

I get asked this one A LOT - it's right up there with "Where is my right mouse button?" and "Where's the start Menu?" We enjoyed this response and thought it would be nice to share it.

After using a mac for coming up on 3 years, not one single time has the operating system crashed, frozen, or had any other type of hang ups.

However, sometimes applications will freeze up and you get the spinning ball that just wont go away. You can either sit there and wait for it to time out and eventually close, or you can do a Force Quit on the application causing problems.

The Force Quit is not a Jedi mind trick even though it slightly sounds like it could be. The Force Quit is a lot like the ever familiar control alt delete on a PC. To initiate a force quit just hit the option+apple+escape key command and a window with all of your currently running applications will pop up. If an application is not responding, then it will show up in red and have a “not responding” message next to it. Just highlight it in the list and press Force Quit. The application will instantly close and you can go about your business. [Mac Utopia]

Makes you want to get you key combo on eh?