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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can I convert a word document to pdf via email?

John from Brooklyn writes in:

I need to look like I have a staff. I want to email a word document somewhere and have it send me back a pdf. It would be helpful if it can go the other way or do some other conversions as well. Hows about it Admin? Any free services?
Hey John,

We got a bunch of geeky goodness for you! We just discovered exactly what you are looking for from our new found friends at By sending a file to one of these KoolWire addresses below you will get back a converted file. There are some file size limitations but for small crap on the go - you should be golden. The website is in Italian but that shouldn't bother you much if you are just emailing them your documents for conversion. I wouldn't advise uploading any confidential information though - you never know who is on the other end of that server!
  •—Converts any attached
    Microsoft Visio or Word file (including the 2007/.docx kind) to PDF
    files, and supports multiple file attachments. Ignore the "iphone" in
    the address, as it works from any device or computer, but only supports
    files up to 1 MB in size.

    Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files to PDFs. Like the other
    Koolwire addresses below, it accepts files up to 10 MB in size.

  •—Convert PDFs to Word or Rich Text Format files.

  •—Convert WAV files to MP3s.

  •—Convert MP3s to WAV files.

Do you guys have other ways of doing this? Let us know in the comments!