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Friday, February 22, 2008

AskTheAdmin Weekly Roundup...

I know, I know it's not a weekly round up if you don't do it every week. But do you really care? Are you that ana...

Sorry I have had a long morning! It's snowing like crazy in NYC today, I got stuck on the B train for an hour and the best of the best... My climate control system in my server room went kablooooie and I didn't get a phone call that the temperature in the room was 89 degrees.

We lost one server to the conditions... Poor Homer the file server. You will be missed. No late night phone call from Adp no portable ac kicked on. And no explanation yet. Waiting on the postmortem as I restore these files!

On a happier note our main PR guy from Dell is now with HP and we just got our HP Compaq 2710p tablet. (Stay tuned for the review!) Thanks Marco!

I am very excited and now with out further bitching and moaning here are some of our favorite stories that you might have missed.

Don't worry we changed the titles below to confuse the hell out of you. Isn't that nice of us? Enjoy.