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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ask The Admin updates and a few words from the Admin.

Hey Guys!

We broke 900 RSS readers this morning (again!) hopefully these new readers will stick! Our feedburner numbers have been fluctuating worse than the stock market!

Thanks goes out to one of our readers John. Thanks to him we have spent the whole day working on SEO and trying to beat the crap out of the Google duplicate content penalizer (is that not a word??)...

It turns out after moving off of the normal blogger templates, some time ago, we have caused AtA some real deal SEO issues. This was because all of our post pages had the same title as our home page -and that's where that duplicate content penalties were coming from! Who knew?

But during our mad dash to make some changes I noticed that our site is #3 on a Google search for just the word ADMIN! That's big!

People pay mucho dinero to come in ranking #3 on a single key word! Check us out:

We have been making some subtle changes as well as getting Intense Debate up and working. We have just imported All Most of our comments from Blogger to ID. It seems there were some issues and some of them will have to be done manually (Arrrg...) Is it worth it? In addition to all the comments not coming over we have some script errors that tell you your comment WAS NOT saved - but surprise surprise... It does get saved, leading to loads of duplicate comments. Hopefully everything will be worked out soon. But if you see something that's wrong let me know by leaving a comment or sending an email to bugs at asktheadmin dot com.

What do you guys think - keep Intense debate as our comment system or dump them? The recent comment module works (displays comments) but the links are a little fucked. I will be getting a Poll up ASAP! so scroll down and vote for or against ID.

Do you use a different 3rd party commenting system? What do you do about SEO? Just want to try out the Intense Debate commenting module?? Then post away kiddies we want to see what this bitch can do!