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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What is my PC really up to? ProcessScanner breaks it down for you for free...

We know you wonder what goes on behind the scenes on your Windows machine. We have covered how to use crafty searches to find out what others have been doing on your machines. We use the task manager all the time to check out running processes, change task priority or to get an over view of whats happening now on my machine. But we don't always know what random tasks are. Now we can go Googling them individually or we can use these two free tools we found.

The good folks over at UniBlue have released a Instant Process Scan that can tell you what those proccesses are and what they are doing! The first app is a small install that creates a detailed report for you of your running processes. They even give you recomendations on next steps related to each entry. The second tool is a Task Manager Plugin - ProcessQuickLink that gives you process information - Right in the task manager! Sweet.

From Their Website:

The Problem:

Have you seen your PC's performance decline in the days since you bought it? Does your system take a long time to boot up and to load simple programs? Maybe it crashes more frequently, or stalls when loading Web pages? The problem could be that your PC is running unnecessary or even overtly malicious code, compromising all areas of your computer's performance, from speed and stability, through to security. But where do you find a list of all the processes that your PC is running? And even assuming that you find them, what programs are these processes associated with and are they harmful?

The Solution:

With ProcessScanner Uniblue takes the perspiration and guesswork out of researching the processes running on your PC. ProcessScanner not only generates a detailed list of the items already running on your PC, it then goes on to give you valuable information as to the programs these are associated with. Furthermore ProcessScanner will then supply you with valuable information about what each does and the level of risk, or threat, to your computer associated with that process. ProcessScanner is an invaluable tool to help remove the fog that obscures the inner workings of your computer and, what's more, it's free!

Task Manager PlugIn Features:

Click on a button to instantly gain access the relevant process descriptions and advice through the Task Manager.

Gain insight on any process through easy and quick search feature that queries over 9000 entries in processlibrary.com database directly.

Provided free of charge, new process descriptions are added on a weekly basis making the site the most comprehensive source of information yet.

Requires Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista, an Internet connection and an Internet browser.

Download the FREE ProcessScanner now, to get the lowdown on what your computer is really doing when you aren't watching.