This is not a test... AtA is in the process of making some changes! ~ Ask The Admin

Monday, January 14, 2008

This is not a test... AtA is in the process of making some changes!

If you start noticing funny things around here (Via the site not RSS) it might be on purpose but more likely than not its a glitch or bug that our designers are working hard on working out. So let us know if you see something in the comments or via email if your shy (info at asktheadmin dot com). The site is a work in progress so if you don't want to watch the transformation - stick to RSS for all of our normal technical goodness!

I have been reminiscing about AtA days past and realize we have only been on the net about 7 months now and we are about to reach some new milestones. We have met some great Admins, End Users and LOTS of PR people. You out there in Admin land are great and we love each and ever one of you.

  • We are about to hit our One Millionth Viewer sometime this month!
  • We are about to break 750 RSS Readers
  • We gained more than 100 RSS Readers in the last month.
  • We are being featured in an upcoming magazine article.
  • We were recently in the Canadian Paper Globe and Mail.
  • We are in talks with a few big names about sponsorship.

We will be redesigning the top bar, adding some navigation, modifying and customizing the right bar and we have some more of that geeky goodness you have come to love Fiend for crave (which is the one associated with crack rock again?)

We are not against taking suggestions, tips, criticism, death threats or what have you.

So hit us up kids - we have added an IM client on the right side bar so you can hit me via SMS right from the site. Some people call that dedication (others call it insanity). Whatever - if you need help, got something to say or just want to wanna say whats up.