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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Can I get a REAL laser? Here is your chance to win one!

Are you excited?

Lasers are right up there with jetpacks in my book and they are a lot cheaper!

Don't get me wrong they are still expensive but it is now definitely in any mad scientist's budget. Let's watch guest blogger David reap the benefits of being affiliated with AtA as he plays with his very own laser.

(I keep doing those doctor evil air quotes every time I say laser - in case you were interested!)

I mean c'mon its a fricking laser guys! Read through the article for your chance to win one for yourself! There is also a 10% off source code just for AtA readers - "asktheadmin".

Wicked Lasers will be sponsoring One Elite 150+ laser, One pair of laser safety goggles, and a set of optics for this contest. The contest will run for two weeks starting....NOW!

Entering is easy all you need to do is leave a comment on this post stating what kind of evil shinanigans Fun ways you plan on using your new laser for. Be creative, be funny - stand out for our robot overlords who will be picking the winner at random. And without further blabing here is David's review <...TheAdmiN...>:

The aptly named Elite Series, comes from a company possessing Bostonian verbiage to its fullest ala Wicked Lasers. Let me start off by saying the Elite laser, their High power laser pointer, is absolutely amazing to the fullest extent of the word. Thanks guys for sending this out to me and letting me review it for
It can be summed up with two words uncommonly associated with lasers, bright and chick-magnet. Well, I guess only one of those is uncommon and the latter is more of a phrase.

Anyhow, several nights ago, I tested the beams full power by aiming it at some nearby clouds. It turns out that everyone within a mile radius was able to see the beam piercing the night sky (I am aware of this as people came out in droves to see what was causing this dazzling light display, including females, and now the chick-magnet reference makes sense). It was as though I was harnessing the power of the God’s and beaming a glittering green spectacle of light into the heavens.

Thats right it is a GREEN laser pointer. Not only is the laser ultra bright, but the truly unbelievable thing is the fact that the beam can be seen not only during the night, but is visible in the day as well, although to a much lesser extent. The Wicked laser sites description of the laser includes “lighting matches, burning and melting with lasers has never been so simple” and that statement is about as true as saying Honest Abe was the 16th President.

The laser puts on a stunning display with its ability to ignite matches in a couple of seconds. Additionally, the laser is able to burn wood, slice through trash bags, and even pop balloons, however I have yet to test the lasers full capabilities.

The laser feels just right in ones hand, not too heavy, not too light, but just right (kind of like that one story with the bears and a girl named Goldilocks). It is well constructed, sturdy and has a beautiful metallic finish. The Elite uses two AAA batteries and is at maximum brightness for the first ten minutes of the batteries life, and batteries last for about 90 minutes in this behemoth. Operation is simple, as it literally at the push of a button, one that sits flush with the lasers cylindrical case.

The model I played with called The Elite is a green laser operating at the 532 nm wavelength and is about the same size as your average pen laser, but a lot more powerful. The laser has a variety of uses, well other than amazing friends, such as stargazing since the green beam is easy to follow even in light conditions.

The Elite Series is quite the piece of gadgetry and is sure to amaze your friends and anyone else who catches a glimpse of the remarkable beam, will soon want to be your friend too (Edit Great for lonely dorks and mad scientists!). The device comes in three variations, increasing in price and power, from $499-$699 available at the Wicked Lasers site. The company also sells red, blue, in addition to the green lasers like the Elite Series. Dont forget the checkout source code of asktheadmin to take 10% off your laser purchase.

The laser is truly a must see, the amount of real uses may be limited, but entertainment value is limitless. And if you need any ideas of what to do with your new high quality laser, a wealth of knowledge is available at their laser pointer forum.

David Fried