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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Add visual voicemail to smartphones or blackberries

AtA covered Simulscribe's Voicemail Transcription Service here. Commodore found it to be a great productivity tool. But after chatting with David Gerzof, their Chief Marketing Officer I found out there is another great component to their service.

Can anyone say Visual Voicemail?

This was the feature that had people going ga-ga over the iPhone. You remember that thing, don't you? Well, this small light weight application gets downloaded directly to your device from It is a small client that sort of resembles an email application. And that is actually very close to how it works as well. It works with Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices.

Simulsays will go out and check your voicemail box for new messages. It will display when and who a message was from and you can read a transcript! The transcription isn't working for you? Is it your wife calling to yell at you? Then just click the message and listen to an audio clip. The audio clips are so super small - its baffling!

Stuck in a meeting and its not polite to check your voicemail - but somehow it is OK to check your email. Now your voicemail is sitting there giving you all the cold hard details - in writing.

But wait there is more... How about clicking on who called and being able to return the message? Clicking "Send SMS to Caller" will open a text message to them with the to field pre-populated. Or you can forward along the transcription via email.

All this and no more calling into voicemail? How will I ever cope?

Oh wait I hate voicemail and now I am hooked on Simulscribe!

Thanks guys for putting me on. Visual Voicemail (aka SimulSays) is a free add on to any of their Simulscribe plans. And you can test it out for free. Just sign up with this link and Simulscribe will give you 30 days to get hooked instead of the normal 7. Don't say we never hook you up!