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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tis the season...AskTheAdmin Round Up

They lit the tree outside my office yesterday and turned on all the bright colored street lights! I love this time of the year. And let me take this opportunity to thank you guys! Yes you! Give your self a pat on the back. If it wasn't for you there wouldn't be a need for AtA. If you didn't fluck up and destroy partitions, fry file systems, corrupt databases and delete your files - Where would I be? Not here that's for sure! So keep on keeping on and lets catch up a little with the AtA crew. (And if you don't read this post through - at least check out the image at the bottom!)

CES is slowly creeping up on us, we are very excited! We were actually quoted on the CES blog a short while back. Feedburner showed us some love with featuring us in their Buzz, Roxio posted our review for their Easy Media Creator 10 suite. We have also made some new friends including the wonderful duo over at MakeUseOf.com. So be on the lookout for some AskTheAdmin original posts over there and make sure to show them some AtA Digg/Stumble love.

Lots of companies are hooking up AtA and sending out review units, press kits and other random swag bags. As of this moment all our readers that sent in questions have been answered! I hit a lag for a while and was running a day or two behind but thanks to some sleep last night I am all caught up!

So you were waiting for it.... And now here it is...

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Happy Holidays Everyone! Go get in the mood, do a good deed, or in some of your cases just don't be such an a-hole :) Play nicely out there kids! And now as promised for your amusement: