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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Roxio Toast Review and Contest

Have you ever heard the saying - the best thing since sliced bread? Well how about one better with some toast?

That's burnt toast - a CD/DVD burning suite from our good friends at ROXIO. We had a contest for the PC side now we want to show some Mac love so, Mac users it is your turn to get your free on. Just comment on this post for your chance to win! Now we aren't seasoned Mac users but we are veterans at CD/DVD burning and this program rocks. We were easily able to burn images, DVD's and all the other stuff we do on the PC side. They e
ven spiffied up their photo and music features.

There are some big changes since the last time we p
layed with toast. Mind you, it's been about 5 years. We were working for and we had apple scripts being launched by our website when anyone made a custom DVD purchase.

The script would take the users selections, burn and label them. Automation is a beautiful thing. Well its 2007 and DVD authoring has gone main stream as it is a hell of a lot cheaper. Enter toast.

Toast is our new favorite Mac burning app. There is nothing not to like, and it might just have me favoring the Mac to do my burning. Check out these screen shots:

We liked the new "Aqua" look that blends in well with our OS X 10.4 machine. Toast introduces Blu-Ray support (too bad we dont have a blu-ray drive), a handful of new audio CD features, Awesome media conversion and our favorite compatiability with our beloved TiVo!

For those of you pumping out the discs and can't keep up with what is where, Toast includes disc cataloguing software. Oh yeah, thats the geeky goodness we love!.

But back to Tivo! Toast includes Roxio's Tivo Transfer and now we can grab our shows from our tivo and burn them direct.... Wait there's more! (Oh no I am starting to sound like some one on the home shoping network!) Toast can also convert your tivo media for your PSP or iPod! Just like you have season passes you can schedule downloads and conversions...

Toast Titanium 8 seems to have this burning thing down pat! I have a strange craving for jelly...