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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Free Divx Pro for a limited time!

dollar bling diamondWe just heard from our friends at Walyou that Divx is feeling the holiday cheer a little early and giving away free copies of Divx Pro. Now you too can compress your home movies, recorded TV shows and anything else just like the professional bootleggers!

I love Divx Pro and bought mine eons ago. Divx makes no mention to this offer ANYWHERE so take advantage of the free offer while you can right over here.

Why not save a little money this holiday season with a free download of Divx Pro?

Convert and compress your home movies, TV shows, and films library into Divx format easily with Divx Pro. Although this software usually costs only $20, it is always nice getting something for free.

divx screenshot windows

For a limited time, Divx is offering a complimentary download of their Divx Pro software, which consists of both a converter and the Codec. The converter includes an easy to use drag-and-drop feature to make your conversion time simpler. This software is definitely a useful one to have available.

It is currently not mentioned when this free download ends, so if you are interested, make it quick. [Via WalYou via Zichi]

So even if you aren't going to use it NOW go and cop yours for the low low price of free and put it away for a rainy day. You never know when you need to do some compressing with a quickness!