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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Financial Help and Smarterchild as your personal assistant.

After a week out of the office at my Mac OsX server training I am totally swamped. Throw in holiday shopping, a new baby and AtA... Whoa boy!

So Sunday's post will be a quick roundup and excerpts from my two newest posts on MakeUseOf and a couple of AtA faves.

I demoed and reviewed It does a great job of watching my finances. Then I messed around with Smarterchild as a virtual personal assistant.

Mint review excerpt- Being the type of guy that burns through money I jumped at the opportunity to review Mint. Mint is a finance tracking and budgeting platform much like Microsoft Money or Quicken. But the main difference is it is Online – if you don’t have a problem adding your banking information to you can have access to a complete financial overview from any web browser.
Mint has been in Beta for about 3 months now and is showing somewhere in the neighborhood of 60,000 early adopters throwing in over 2 billion dollars of their hard earned accounts into Mint’s databases. 2 fricking billion dollars? That’s a lot of moolah…

I jumped right in, after thoroughly checking out the website and its history. I couldn’t just give my info to anyone – right? They have their security and safety information posted here (this should calm you down a bit). But I was immediately impressed. It allowed me to add 2 credit cards and all my accounts from HSBC in 4 or 5 clicks. It has some 1500 institutions in its system so it can grab your transactions with ease.
Smarterchild review excerpt- I have made a new friend. Well actually, I am becoming reacquainted with an old friend. Have you heard of Smarterchild? Smarterchild is an AimBot, an automated assistant that can be added to your instant messenger contacts. It can help you remember things, lookup headlines, find out about local movies, and so on. Now that AIM has been integrated into Gmail this might be a great combination for turning SmarterChild into your virtual Personal Assistant.

And here are some AtA stories you may have missed in all the holiday excitment.