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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can I boost my cell signal for real? zBoost zPersonal Review.

I know, I know you have heard it time and time again "This magic doo-hickey will automagically make your cell phone work where it once could not."

It's probably right up their with get rich quick schemes and increasing your web sites traffic a hundred times over for free.

We have used those stick on strips in the past - but that was garbage. All they do is make you THINK you are getting better reception.

EnterThe zBoost zPersonal Cell Phone Signal booster. The package said it was real easy to set up and could boost your signal by one bar or more. Let me tell you this - the hardest part of my experience was getting the damn thing open! It was fricking Karl proof (I wish I had my OpenIt already! #24)

Once I did crack open the plastic bubble and release the goods I was presented with a small white and green box, a length of antenna cable and of course the antennae on 2 suction cups.

I first tried it out in my living room where I normally get 1 bar and Edge. Within 30 seconds of me getting this little guy set up I had HSDPA in my living room at 3 bars (ATT)! My wife was able to pull one extra bar off to two on a Tmobile Razr.

I was already impressed. The box said you NEED to be able to get at least one bar prior to installing this guy for the product to work. Needless to say I quickly tried it out in my basement which I consider a dead zone. No Cells work and WiFi only slightly penetrates down there...

Sure enough as soon as i got it rigged up my cell rang - It was my wife wondering what the hell I was doing making all that noise in the basement. I explained myself and told her Ii was in the basement.

She didn't believe me. If she was in front of me she would have given me a good push followed by GET OUT!" Elaine Benice Style from Seinfeld.

Now all I have to do is decide where to keep it - Cell service in the basement or SUPER fast HSDPA in the living room... I went with the HSDPA in the living room (surprise surprise) and when I need to get busy in the basement I can bring it with me - thats how easy it was to setup!

The only down side is that it costs $169 - but isn't that worth it just to stop pulling your hair out of your head every time your cell drops a call?

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