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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blogger Administration via Windows Mobile.

So am I the last one to know that you can do FULL out blogger administration via Windows Mobile 6? I had set up a post email account a while back that let me type an email send it off and it would be saved as a draft ( you can set it to post as well - but that's a little too much uncertainty for Your Admin!)

I have been away from a real computer more times than not with my precious around. I would email my drafts (with images) and then edit and post them when I got back to home base.

Now after being away for more than a day in a clip, I wound up at the blogger page on my Dopod C730 and I logged in, I figured I would click on edit posts for shits and giggles...

Surprise Surprise!

It worked! I could do full out editing, posting and modifying the template (edit: except for uploading images directly). So my question is why didn't anyone tell me about this?

Thanks guys! Did you know that you could do this?? What else do you do via your mobile - that makes people go... HUH?