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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The All In Wonder...A video recorder on the cheap.

Does anyone else remember lusting after a small video camera in the 80's? How about an 80's show called Small Wonder?

No? Damn young whiper-snappers...

Next thing you will tell me you never played Maniac Mansion! Well RCA brings us this slim practical video camera with the same name as that 80's show we loved - its dubbed the All in Wonder. RCA shot us over a review unit so right after we went out and bought our own batteries we gave this thing a whirl.

This thing runs on two double a batteries for almost 2 hours. We can record up to a half hour on its internal memory, or pop in a SD card for even more versatility.

For its price it does a pretty good job of capturing all your special moments on video. You know first words, first steps or your buddy falling into a sealed pool. Yeah its that great. You might just be the next winner of Americas Funniest Home Videos.

You don't need a USB cable as it is built in and slides out from the left hand side
(Very Nifty). This took me a few minutes to figure out... (who needs instructions anyway!). You also do not need ANY software it comes installed on this Wonder.

But really I like this guy a lot as it fits into my pocket. If it did still pictures my wife would have been all over it. Anyone else use this or something similar? [Product Page]

One and a half thumbs up from The Admin!
We found it for Under $90 on New Egg thanks to Froogle but they retail for around $129