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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Admin Gets Schooled

I am in the middle of a three day stint at a training center in SoHo Manhattan. The difference is this time its re-education, brainwashing if you will. The higher-ups have got me at Mac training in a school called NovaWorks. Support Essentials Mac OS X taught by Sam Valencia.

I am in a support class to get a better grasp on the platform and in two weeks I will be back again for Server training. After the class I will be taking my certifications. So that will be another notch on The Admin's belt. Lets just say I went in with an open mind and so far I love it.

Proper tools for the proper job. Well as I have been accustomed to Ubuntu here and here with our new Mac here this has put me over the top. Check out my little bitty PC in a world of big macs.

Different jobs require different tools and that is why there are different Os's. Don't bash unless you are at the command prompt (geeky pun intended). Off to the Mac command line. (Still have to stay ahead of the class!!) Stay tuned for some Mac revelations and goings on...