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Monday, November 19, 2007

What will internet speeds be like for our kids?

How does hundreds of tera-bits per second, over traditional fiber optic cable sound to you?

Did I stutter?

...Didn't think so!

That's less than a 1 second download for a full DVD. And just by adding some magic lasers to help along our current Fiber Optic cabling? I'm sure there is more to it than that, but this is under development at Japan's Tohoku university as we speak.

Can anyone say a full season of Simpsons in a few minutes? Well it's not coming any time soon but it will be here one day... Doh!

Just think our children will be able to download porn by the truck load dumb quick so watch out how you punish them... Sending them to their room may not be what you want to do... feeling me?

Check out the full article here and the Gizmodo post we found this on here. Thanks Haroon Malik, you the man! (Edit: the article is gone from Gizmodo as of now... But still on my RSS reader, Go figure?) [Tech.co.uk via Gizmodo]

According to the article:
A laser is utilized to change the data transmission method via optical fibers, allowing QAM to be implemented for Internet connectivity. This in turn gives rise to surprisingly fast, terabit/second connections.