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Monday, November 12, 2007

Internet Sharing on Win Mo 5 and 6 saved my ass!

Do you know you can use your Windows Mobile Phone as a pseudo modem? The best part of all is that you get the same speeds your device gets - HSDPA or 3G! I am away from home for a bit and I have no other internet connection this has made my life so much easier!

Do you know how to use it? First of all make sure you have a data unlimited plan. I use AT&Ts Media Net unlimited and have not incurred any other charges.

I goto my phones start menu and choose internet sharing pair the laptop up with either a mini usb cable or via bluetooth depending on my battery situation. Within seconds of clicking the connect button I am as good as gold surfing the web and feeling like I'm getting over on these phone companies that have been sticking it to us for years!

Do you use this or other wireless mobile options? Put us on, let us know in the comments!