If there was a Punked Show for the blogger world then I just got hit! ~ Ask The Admin

Friday, November 30, 2007

If there was a Punked Show for the blogger world then I just got hit!

Lets take a quick break from technology for a chuckle. A bunch of Retards (edit: don't bite my head off thats literally what they call themselves -Retard Media) posted a spoof on The Admin here. Mind you it was a few months ago.

I saw this and my first instinct was to throw down goto this lameo's house and brawl Brooklyn style. I had his IP address, ISP and was narrowing down where he actually was but,then I realized something.

When people you don't know start making fun of you in public it's kind of like high school and talking shit about the popular kids behind their backs. Or the paparazzi getting hold of you. Either way here it is for your laughter:

Need help with IE 4 - ask the admin!

If you are still using Internet Explorer 4 or any other obsolete software and have questions on how to use something no longer supported by anyone - ask the admin. Our buddy, Karl is a cool guy who knows everything about pretty much anything imaginable.

When our site got hacked we went to Karl. When we needed help epoxying the candy jar at work and rigging the receptionist’s desk for video - again we went to Karl.Karl is the man, please visit his blog for any help tips, comedy quips or if you are just looking for some pornography, Karl’s is the man!

First of all notice the kind SEO links to AtA for Pornography that will leave some pissed off porn seekers! And secondly - Doesn't everyone love the Porn? Oh and here is one right back at you kiddies... Goatse Galore Bitches!