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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Gobble Gobble...

We wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all our loyal readers (and those just passing by) from the whole AtA family. We are about to hit the 600 reader mark - meaning we gained another 100 readers in the last month... Nice! Our traffic and email volume has also increased AGAIN - thanks for the love.

Samsung just sent us a demo unit of the SCH-i760 and V-moda sent us their Vibe Duo fancy shmancy iPhone headphones. So we will have some new reviews and give-aways coming up (The headphones not the phone).

You guys rock big time, thanks for the continued support and well wishes. I am off to enjoy my new daughter for a bit before I have to start fixing everyone in the family's laptops and desktops that they schlep from halfway around the world... Feeling me? Everyone else has the day off. The Admin still has to work! Don't be shy send in your questions and we will keep on answering them. Even the SUPER strange ones that I have to share with you soon. Stay tuned Admins...

So which shirt should I go with - Black or white? Yeah, your right black is much more formal.