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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Google to give away free Cell Phone Service?

Hey Boys and Girls,

Shhh, this one is a little secret for all you hardcore aTa fans...

We here at have an inside scoop that is sure to be the talk of the (virtual) town about Google and their new Gphone.

We all know it's reality that Google is, in fact, working on their own phone. It's been buzzing for months. Can you say G-Phone?

We also know, for fact, that The Big Goog have been trying to get their hands on their own cell-radio frequency from the FCC. This has been old news for months. Can you say 700 Mhz?
We also know that GOOG have been working heavily on an operating system for phone hardware. Can you say Android?

But what we have also cleverly found out, from a source who REALLY prefers we leave her name and whereabouts undisclosed, is that Google really is looking to move in on, and compete with, all the other big cellphone companies.

Our source works for a sub-contractor for one of the PR companies working for Google, and while details are shaky at best, I did catch something about new branding, FREE cell service, and one of the biggest, single-handed emergences of a ridiculously strong competitor, and more importantly a huge threat, to EVERY cellphone service provider in the NATION.

What was more important than the facts themselves are the details. How about the fact that it was requested that these new branding schemes be done with great haste, and that a considerable amount of money was spent into developing these new brand schemes quite richly and deeply. Almost like they paid extra, like a rush fee, to be sure the whole idea gets pushed to it's end, and double time!

I don't know about you Boys and Girls, but this sounds like Google is about to make some serious moves towards becoming their own, end to end, cellphone company, from the phone right down to the airwaves. Whats craziest is that they want it to be free (and ad-based, of course). Not only will it be their own cellphone service, and harware manufacturer, but they are essentially BUILDING their own ad-market from scratch. POOF!

Can you say anti-trust? Can you say market upturn?
Can you dare to say free cellphone service and wireless internet?

Google dares!

In the immortal words of William Shakespeare, and later Aldous Huxley - "Oh Brave New World that has such people in it."

Chew on that.

Commodore 64 (the one you used to play Bruce Lee on)

Edit - As Reader Gavin pointed out Google is laying their own fiber under the ocean see here.