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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Admin is a father. He names child 1.0

Yeah Right! But I got you attention didn't I. No the wife wouldn't let me geek out like that...

As of yesterday The Admin is a proud father of a 6.3lbs Beautiful baby girl named Kayla Jacquelyn...

Everyone is doing great! Thank you for all your emails and concerns. You guys really rock. No really, you guys really do rock. We have made so many really great friends off of this site in just over a year, it's awesome!

How long before my little precious is in front of a computer :) ? No really, she is the new love of my life all perfect and what not! Go ahead we will wait for you to get your awwwwww out.
Time to revisit how to protect the young-ins online.

Anyway in other news... AtA was featured on among some other cool sites over here. Thank you for your kind words everyone!

And in other news, Michael Meyer attended the Digital Life Holiday Press Preview while I was at the hospital. He gathered up the intel to help supe up our "It's a Geeky Christmas. What to get the geek in your life." article. Stay tuned while we compile the data... We are also accepting ideas from you so send em on in or post em up in the comments.

Also worth honorably mentioning, the winner of our Roxio giveaway has received his package - pics to follow.

A baby is a lot like a DIY kit - you are always amazed at the final result and think to yourself...