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Friday, May 16, 2008

What the Heck is Filling Up My Server?

It's an Admin's worst nightmare (well one of them).

A server's system disk is quickly running out of space for no apparent reason. You know that when the system drive fills the server is going to shut down and you're going to have a lot of unhappy users. You need to find out what is taking up so much space.

There are several tools for looking around your drive and getting a visual image of what is on it. Tools like WinDirStat, Folder Size and TreeSize all do a nice job of showing you where all that space is going.

But sometimes you need a quick and dirty tool and (if you're like me) you don't want to install something on your servers unless you really need to.

That's one great thing about SequoiaView, it gives you a nice visual map of any drive or folder without installing anything. Download the zipped version, unzip it and run the executable. There's nothing to install or risk messing up your servers with. Delete the whole folder when you are done and there's no trace of it.

Of course, I am using JFFNMS to monitor my network so I was able to learn about this impending disaster early enough to do something about it. In my case - I had forgotten to reconfigure the IIS logging on my Exchange server, so the OWA logs were slowly filling up the system drive since they default to Windows\System32\LogFiles.

What do you use to monitor disk space on your servers? Do you have any horror stories to share with AtA? Well that is what the comments are for!