Today is Blog Action Day ~ Ask The Admin

Monday, October 15, 2007

Today is Blog Action Day

With everything being so hectic over at we almost forgot about today being Blog Action Day!

So here is a little information about it from our friends @ Do you do what you can for the environment? Do you turn your PC's off at night? What about the rest of your electronics? Turn em off help out a little! How about alternative methods of electricity like Solar, wind and gasoline alternatives... What do you guys do for Old Mother Earth??

Today is Blog Action Day, and we are on board to help bloggers around the web unite to put a single important issue on everyone's mind: the environment. Sure, TreeHugger works on that every day, but we're excited to participate in this "blogger's Earth Day," to help get other blogs, like our pals at Lifehacker, and forward-looking companies, like Reddit and Google, on board for the green.

Here's how it works: blogs from all over the world sign up to publish green posts to their sites, raising awareness about the environment, but that's where the "rules" end; the organizers have been working hard not to push any particular agenda. Participating blogs are encouraged to cover the green world from their own perspective, putting some unique spin on a subject getting more pervasive every day; they can also donate the day's revenue to an environmental charity of their choice. The end result, hopefully, is that more blogs and readers pay more regular attention to green topics; we're all playing for the same team here, and the more, the merrier.

Over 15,000 blogs have signed up, and they'll reach over 12.5 million readers today via RSS alone, so early signs point to a success here in the inaugural year. Check out who is participating and surf on out into the extended green blogosphere to see what people have to say about the planet. With any luck, this'll be the first day of many that green topics get their due in blogs around the world. ::Blog Action Day [treeHugger]