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Monday, October 08, 2007

Nintendo Wii changed my life. Not another Wii fanboy article.

wii chrome fanboy ask the adminHey kiddies,

Commodore 64 here bringing you the latest in tech world goodness. This past week AskTheAdmin has hit some pretty serious milestones, to say the least. We have our Nero Giveaway Contest winner, in which the contest entries yielded some pretty funny results, comment-wise. We topped 24,000 hits in one day, which was our all-time daily high. We got our monster of a laptop from dell to review.
Through all this excitement I made sure not to lose focus on the little things. In this case, it's my new Nintendo Wii that I'd like to talk about. This little machine has definitely impacted mine, and my fiance's life, more than any other game system to date.

It started out with my cousin Pammy (love ya, babe) coming over to visit with her newfound excitement in hand: her new Wii. Now I must admit, I was a skeptic at first. I truly believed that the wii was made for kids. This led me to (wrongly) assume that the control was clunky, and that game designers had a more forgiving audience in kids, thus allowing them more slack to produce a less engaging game system. Boy was I ever wrong! She brought with her Super Monkey Ball, and Wii Sports. As I sat there and watched my cousin showing my fiance how to work the thing, I snickered with ridicule as to how silly they looked playing this game.

Let's cut out the mundane details and fast forward about 3 months to a dinner party/housewarming last night, hosted by myself and my fiance. Party started at 7:30. Surprisingly enough ALL our guests arrived on-time to an array of junk-food, liquor, munchies, soda, wine, and a living room conveniently configured to allow maximal real estate for a good solid game of Wii Tennis.

I believe 10 minutes was the time it took for all the guys to update themselves on the day's sports scores, and for the girls to exchange gifts for hugs and thank-yous with my fiance. The focus turns to the Wii. Everyone in attendance has already been infected by the Wii bug previously, which can be directly attributed to me. The criticization of why people didn't bring their own Wiimotes from home began(standard practice), and the games began shortly thereafter. Now I must remind our readers I am (quote: Cedric The Entertainer) a grown-ass man, having over 30 years behind my belt. My guests were not entirely that far behind me age-wise. Yet it was evident and clear (to my delight) that everyone had come to this soiree' knowing exactly what to expect.Fast forward past the laughter, tears, victories, defeats, a bottle of cognac, and full on blazing.

12:30 A.M. The guests at my party are all physically wiped out. The Nintendo Wii has done it again! Having all virtually re-enacted dozens of tennis games, boxing matches, bowling tourneys, and holes of golf, the guests at my party were completely worn out. By 1:30 A.M. everyone was completely exhausted and they all said their goodbyes and started on their trip back to Brooklyn from Fort Lee where I currently reside humbly with m fiance'.

So this soiree' of ours has put the last nail in the coffin for naysayers of the Wii. Since being introduced to the Wii, I've managed to infect a number of people besides the ones in attendance at our house-warming, which numbered 8. It was interesting to observe how so many different people, with different tastes, and some not even being gamers at all, were all Jonesing all night to interact with this new sensation from Japan. Young, old, boys, girls, men, women, lawyers, accountants, programmers, businessmen, gamers, noobs were all standing, at one point or another, on the same (or opposing) side of a virtual net, on a virtual tennis court, holding a virtual tennis racket in their hands which, after a relatively short while, starts to feel like a tennis racket. And at the end of the night, all these diversified people shared the exact, same soreness, muscle pain, and full-out exhaustion as the person next to them.

My fiance and I make it a point to play the Wii whenever we don't have a chance to hit the gym. And honestly, in a country where the obesity statistics outweigh the health statistics, it's a welcome addition to my home. I would recommend the Wii for anyone looking to get up off their collective asses and do something with themselves that doesn't heavily involve a couch.

This article only accounts for the Wii Sports title, which in itself has brought a world of muscle-soreness into my life. But it's that good kind of pain, the kind of pain you feel after working out or actually playing tennis. The kind of pain you feel when you know you'll be putting yourself through the exact, same pain tomorrow, as soon as this pain subsides. And the kind of pain which makes you wonder what other crazy shit Japan is working on for the Wii platform.
Thank you to Pammy Priella for showing us the proverbial light. And thanks to our readers for making aTa a forum for expression, as well as consumption.

Commodore 64 (the one you used to play Bruce Lee on.)