Is cordless phone interference killing you? Unboxing of the Philips VOIP8411 skype/landline phone. ~ Ask The Admin

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Is cordless phone interference killing you? Unboxing of the Philips VOIP8411 skype/landline phone.

I admit I fell into this solution quite by accident. My wife has been seriously complaining to me about the interference on our cordless 5.8ghz home phone. As soon as either of our cell phones start to transmit or receive we here that annoying clicka clicka clicka noise.

This has been going on forever. As The Admin, I have changed the channels, relocated the phone base/wifi router - I tried everything. And this has been an on going battle around my house. Mainly we limit our use of the home phone and stay glued to the cells. I am fed up! Can you imagine how long this has been going on for? I know you hear it as well! Is there any sense to this madness?

When we got an email from Philip's PR company asking us if we would like to demo and review their new handset I didn't think anything of it. We definitely did not put 2 and 2 together... But lets just say we were pleasantly surprised!

We said "sure" and they messengered it right on over. The item is a Skype and land line phone as we said before, to me this is amazing. We connected the little shiny box to our land line via RJ-11 phone cord and a Ethernet cable right into our high speed Internet.After almost NO configuration it was up and running and our land line calls were coming and going on this cool candy bar looking cell phone.

Next we went to go set up our Skype account and see if that works! But already this amazing device has not only made our home phone something we want to use again but it also looks great. I will follow up on this one a little later in the week after we get some quality time in with it. But so far this thing is a real deal miracle in my household. No more interference? No more complaining?? You rock Philips!

Stay tuned for a full on review and pictures! Questions, comments? Leave them in the comments field and check out our $300 memory give-a-way this week sponsered by Crucial!