How to take a laptop apart. ~ Ask The Admin

Friday, October 19, 2007

How to take a laptop apart.

I will keep this as broad as possible to help a wide range of people. If you need more specific help please leave us a comment and it WILL be answered.

So you have decided that either something inside your shinny laptop is broken and needs to be fixed or you want to upgrade something (memory, hard drive, internal card, etc.). Then you have come to the right place. I have broken my fair share of laptops (Every thing from plastic casings to losing screws and back to just not remembering where parts go).

But all of that is a thing of the past my friend because I have disassembling a laptop down to a science. Now every machine is different. Even machines from the same manufacturer are different so before we begin go Google the hell out of your laptops model name and number. See if you can find a Service Manual or a step by step guide to taking apart your laptop. We found this resource for Toshibas here. Post it up if you know where to find other brands.

Now I am sure you are wondering why I would send you out looking for a different guide... Easy we will show you how NOT to mess up once you figure out how to unhook, de-latch, unsnap and pop off that casing.

Start by grabbing your digital camera and snapping pictures of the machine every step of the way.

Next get a piece of paper and draw a crude drawing of your laptop and draw circles where the screws came from and place the actual screws in the circles so you know where they came from. You should do the same thing for the inside of the laptop. Take pictures and Draw it - you will thank me when its time to put that pile of equipment back together!

Unscrew and document and then if you have found disassembly instructions follow them step by step. There are usually reasons to their madness, like one latch holds another screw or something like that.

Fix, upgrade or repair what you need to ( or resolder like me) ... Test it out before sealing it back up completely and make sure above all You Put The Machine Back Together SLOWLY!! And No, Extra parts are not allowed! Make sure you put back everything where it came from!