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Monday, June 16, 2008

Create Useful Shortcuts With Tooler. (Windows Download)

Have you ever wanted to create a shortcut on your desktop to disable your screensaver or eject your cd-rom?

You have seen it done and now you have some use for it?

Don't fret young Admin! No need to muss and fuss here is a light weight program that needs no installation: Tooler.

It's only 50kb and will add blanking the monitor, disabling the keyboard, setting the volume to your arsenal of quick access shortcuts.

You can read the picture yourself!

Best of all after you use it to create the shortcuts you are going to want you can throw them on a usb stick and never need the app again! A program that made itself obsolete almost immediately :). Here is the authors website and the direct link to Tooler. Now if only it could create a shortcut to make me rich...