What makes this site great ? THE READERS of course! ~ Ask The Admin

Monday, September 03, 2007

What makes this site great ? THE READERS of course!

It is early Monday Morning - Labor day and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you guys know that we are growing exponentially by the day. We are @ almost 300 RSS readers. That is up over 30% from last week. We see swarms of emails every day from people needing help. I make sure to personally respond to ALL of them - that's right if you write in you are guaranteed a answer!

I am off for a week in the woods with the wife - I will have net out there but I will be playing a relaxed roll, In AtA, until next Monday (Yeah Right - That's from my wife). But don't worry I have lots of articles poised and ready to go. You will still get the same love from over @ the AtA's office. Commodore will be lending an Administrative hand pushing out the posts.

We have some new content from your favorite writers - So stay tuned for all the Geeky Goodness you have come to love. Remember this is a community so we are only as good as the collective. Yeah I'm talking to you Son - Participate. Word up - help make us better. Sound off in the comments. We love to hear it. What do you want to see more of - less of... Anything else?