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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Technology Weeks Kickoff PreParty Roundup

Commodore and I trekked over to Splashlight after work last night to check out the NYC Technology Week Start off. We got our press badges and hit the bar. There were a few exhibits and some attempts at speeches. Now you tell me - put a bunch of tech loving geeks in a room with toys and then attempt to give speeches - HA! The guy from Trend Micro seemed to be getting pretty pissed that no one was paying attention, It seems everyone was busy rocking out to Guitar Hero and getting drunk. We heard from Paul Cosgrave, New York Technology Commissioner, on his 311 system and NYC TV.

The room was divided up into cliques. We saw a Gizmodo writer in one corner, a group of tech crunch guys in another and so on and so on. It was like the first day of school all over again and I had some mingling to do. I tried to strike up conversations with everyone. As you know The Admin is a friendly guy...

We made our way over to the Ford Sync with Microsoft's voice activated system on board.
With Evan Blass (Engadget) in the drivers seat, The Admin riding shotgun, Dave Zatz (zatz not funny, slingbox) and Commodore (AskTheAdmin) in the back seat. We fuxed with the Microsoft system and were not too impressed. It seems like voice command is integrated into the vehicle and it allows for plugging in your Zune (big shocker) or other mp3 player (maybe not). The GPS looked standard and we couldn't find a Microsoft logo anywhere (we did look) the car wouldnt start and we couldnt power cycle it seems (they didn't want us plowing down the reporters stuffing their faces or maybe it's that no drinking and driving law) so we cranked up the radio tried to get a BSOD got bored and moved on.

Back to mingling... We learned that bloggers will laugh when told they are famous... And people from the real media looked at us like um who are you again? We played a little guitar hero, checked out some new home anti-virus and watched a little hd dvd. Blu-ray was no where to be seen.We got some swag... Who wants Ford usb lights? Ford usb 256 drives? Leave us a good reason why you want em and their yours...

Stay tuned for more pictures! (Edit - here they are courtesy of Flickr.)


Ah And MS sent us over the logo that will be on the production model here: