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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have HSDPA on the Brain... Is there a cure?

No matter where my Preggo Wife and I are for the last 7 months or so we see babies doing cute things. We have dubbed the condition baby on the brain... Now since I got my new phone I have a similar affliction - HSDPA on the brain... I have been amazed at this whole quad band magic high speed net being pulled out of the air. The same air that used to serve me GPRS and EDGE now pushes me 3G and HSDPA. It is fucking awesome! Yes thats how cool it is - it makes me curse. (I'm not alone!)

I find myself staring at my phone making mental notes of where I see the H icon... Its like drugs. They got me chasing the H! I have also learned that not all HSDPA is the same. I have seen 987 kbps in a particular area downtown Manhattan, full bars in H. Then when I am passing through Church Avenue, Brooklyn it shows up again but maxes out @ the high 300's. No matter where the 3g shows up it ranges from the 40's to the low 90's. What kind of speeds do you see?

Do you tether? Hows your speed there ? See any speed caps or bumps in the road? A little more than a week into this new Dopod HTC Cavalier and i am loving it. Stay tuned for a full review!