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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Whats this I hear about a Google OS? Yep its true..

Its been announced that Google has another project, Google OS! The good thing about this is that its based around Ubuntu!

What could this mean to the whole Linux movement? Plenty!

  • More hardware/software compatibility..
  • More cross-platform compatibility..
  • Sky rocket the market share of the Linux desktop..
  • Possible PC vendor partnerships to pre-install Google OS.
  • Give the major software vendors a push to rethink releasing their products upon the Linux platform.
  • Make Linux an option for everyone!

Canonical, the business arm of Ubuntu has really managed to put Linux on the landscape, so can you imagine what Google can do for them?

Are you excited? I am - like a 16 year old school girl! ..Giggles and Blushes.. I feel Microsoft has plagued the desktop market way to long. Maybe Microsoft will move away from the OS game and concentrate on their neat-o ideas like Surface. Either way it's time for a change. Time for some damn fresh air. I really think now is the time for Google OS.

Check out here for more details..