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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Dopod C730 aka HTC Cavalier reviewed.

My wife got me the new HTC Device Dubbed the Cavalier with a Dopod Branding and imported it from China for my birthday... Migrated my information over night and replaced my dash on the charger with this Dopod - NOW THATS LOVE!

I have had this bad boy for almost 3 weeks now and it's just about time for my in depth review. First of all I love this phone in all its 3.5g Glory. Everything I didn't like about my Dash has been improved upon (almost). I am going to run down a list of what I really like and then follow it up with its weaknesses. Check back later in the week for applications, hacks and configuration settings...

The Good:

  • HSDPA is Super fast and I have seen up to 965kbps in Manhattan.
  • 3g Is still faster than Edge or Gprs - I have seen up to 93kbps.
  • Tethering a laptop to my Dopod is super fast.
  • The processor is double that of the Dash @ 400mhz. This might not seem like a big deal to you mister 3ghz desktop... but trust me this is like the jump from 56k to Broadband.
  • This smart phone is really smart - it does cut and paste out the box.
  • 2mp Camera.
  • Windows Mobile Standard 6.
  • Battery life is much better as long as the device isn't constantly switch between bands.
  • Video streaming on this guy is awesome and so is mp3 streaming.
  • My security cameras display on the dopod as well.
  • Auto Dimming of the screen with an ambient sensor.
  • The combination of the faster processor and faster bands puts my Dash to shame!
Now the bad...
  • No touch screen.
  • Built in speaker for playing music without headphones is just so-so.
  • No flash on the camera.
  • No GPS - Is this so hard to integrate now? Chips are so small!
  • No upgrade on internal memory - Can we get a mandatory bump please?
So when my buddies push their iphone at me and grunt... Ug why you no have iPhone Admin?

I just say one word... HSDPA!

What phone do you guys use? Do you love it or hate it? What do you want your phone/pda to do that it can't? Do you need help setting up your dopod on a local network? We can help! Hit us up in the comments! There is also a great thread over @ HoFo.