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Monday, September 17, 2007

Can I Touch Your Dop0d?

This one caught me by surprise! I don't know if it is my lack of sleep, after those conference calls at 3am this morning, but I was ROTFL. Don't let me cloud your judgment, here is the story - you be the judge...

I was walking down Wall Street this morning on my way to work. It is normally full of people walking in straight lines back and forth doing their thing and imitating traffic. People don't normally strike up conversations with one another. The only speaking you hear is a random dude on the cell phone, or the crazy guy talking to himself (50/50 shot that its a bluetooth head set or a crazy guy and its pretty hard to tell them apart).

So when I got tapped on the shoulder I was startled at first. Then I took off my bluetooth headphones, blasting a little old school JayZ. There was a Asian chick staring @ me. She was pointing at my phone and said: Can I touch your dopod? I am looking to buy this one.

Just like that... For those of you who don't know this dopod is my new WM6 smartphone from China. I wrote initially about it here. She started asking me about HSDPA and if it worked for me here and how her phone didn't. I had to get to work but she just kept on keeping on about the phone and how she wanted it. I was looking around for the cameras - maybe I was getting Punked. Fat chance and then it happened... She was looking at the phone in my hand (because you know i didn't let go) and walked straight into a metal barrier - flipping over it and landing on her ass. Right out of the comics guys.

I tried so hard to help her up and take a picture at the same time but it didn't work out - you are just going to have to take my word for it - it was hysterical. Just be careful out there guys she could have been a Ninja after my technology. Good thing she was foiled by that piece of metal!