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Friday, August 17, 2007

Would you take a free dvr plus free pro tivo like services with the inabililty to fast foward through commercials?

Apparently Cable companies are trying to step up and save their commercial business. How you might ask? Give the users a Free DVR that will not be able to fast forward. Very interesting idea except that we HATE DVRs that do not store your programs locally for one main reason - they do not store your programs locally! Read on..

I pay my fourteen or so buckaroos a month for my Tivo noises. No really those addicting noises really was what was keeping me from going with a DVR(Digital Video Recorder) option from my cable company or building my own MythTv box. But my modified 300 hour series 2 is, which is going on 5 years old now, still alive and kicking so why junk the box if its working great?

Then it started to die on me. Messing some audio up here and the video got scrambled there , occasionally just up rebooting... Poor little guy. As you can see I have grown attached to my TiVo.

I fixed her up and reformatted the drives and she is working again. I set Tivo aside with the intentions of making a few mods and upgrades. But somewhere along the way i decided to try out cables soft DVR. We had ordered the service as a promotion last month and i was meaning to cancel it. But I figured what the Hell and I recorded several shows. Almost immediately I was missing my TiVo noises.

The next day... Yes the very next day when I decided to sit down to watch some of my recorded shows from the night before - I prepared to get my Entourage fix...

But I got nothing. Literally nothing a blank screen. Little old Tivo on the living room floor - guts thrown around looking up and mocking me.

Cable was having an "Outage" and my recorded programs aren't saved on my box... They are somewhere out in cable land cable world shit Cable Hell for all i know. I haven't sat through no tv in a long time and finished reassembling my old friend and then i flipped the good old tivo back on.

So now here is the cable company offering dvr service with ads for free... Verdict take it but keep your Tivo! We are all for free things especially when they are mutually beneficial but we would rather be on the safe side.

But wait there's more... (i feel like the infomercial guy with the juicer) it only lets you watch shows from the last 7 days... Which blows. But any show at all that was on so it gives you the last week on demand which is hot but it takes away fast forward which blows but forcing people to watch ads makes them more expensive which makes the advertisers seek more bang for their buck which brings BETTER ads which is hot. Kinda i mean if we have to watch them...

Wait no we don't I'm sure i can rig this up to my tivo and have it play a show and record it... This i got to check out. That and it in conjunction with a sling box... On demand everything for free...sweet.

You know after the world blows up and there is no cable company left we want to watch our 150 hours of the Simpsons...