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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pain Free Backup: Using WordPress to Back Up Blogger - Also Can Be Used For Migration

So we flopped around Google's website yesterday and stared in disbelief as the only answer to backup or export your data still seemed like a crappy work-a-round.

But it looks like WordPress one up'ed Google's Blogger by adding an Import feature to their Wordpress 2.0!

It also works with LiveJournal, TypePad and MovableType.

It only works with NEW blogger templates so if you haven't upgraded - Now is the time to do it!

They will also let you import your categories as tags - selectively! Cool stuff. Way to convert users WordPress!

We are in the process of importing all of our data - posts and comments to we will be using this as a backup for AskTheAdmin. Not only will this give us a LIVE backup that we can browse to in the even of an catastrophe like yesterday it also lets us play with the platform we will be moving to in the near future.

Mind you as you add more posts they will not be AUTOMATICALLY backed up you will need to REPEAT the process.

So here you go - all simple like. Even A child should be able to do it!
  1. Create a Wordpress blog over @

  2. Goto Manage - Import

  3. Choose Blogger

  4. Give Blogger the go ahead to allow WordPress to grab ALL your data.

  5. Make sure you select comments and posts - hit the import button and sit back!

  6. Go play with your new Wordpress replica of your Blogger Blog!


1.5 hours in We are about 30% done right now check it out for yourself. We will obviously be redoing the templates - so I don't even want to hear about how ugly it is (yet!)

4 hours in about 90% done with the posts and then the comments!