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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get Information From Yahoo via SMS that DOESNT Require a Mobile Browser - Great for older phones.

Don't have a fancy smancy web enabled blackberry or uber cool iphone and you want to find the closest pizza place?
Feeling left out from being able to get in on our Wikipedia SMS Action ? Then this is for you - our less technologically advanced readers...

Yahoo's SMS One Search will be your life saver when you are leading the blind - (more likely the drunk and blitzed).
Now you can find the local bar or movie theater even if youare too enibriated to speak to the 411 lady! This Yahoo! SMS Feature just like the Wikipedia SMS search are some of the webs best kept secrets.

Give it a shot - its better then 411 right? Well if your an AtA reader you know all about Goog411 right (thats googles free 800 number for free 411 info)? When you need some quick knowledge - all you need is a cell phone, which can send and receive text messages (All of em right??). Type in your search query and send it to


That spells YAHOO on your keypad in case you were wondering... Here are some sample queries. They should be self explanatory.

I Am Legend 11235
tmobile 10005
weather 11235

Right now you can search for any local information by sending a query with your location or zip code like: "pizza 94025", you can get a stock quote with: "s yhoo", weather information: "w 94025", dictionary definitions: "d garrulous", horoscopes: "h aquarius", WiFi hotspots: "wifi 94123", and more are coming.

Though it may seem like a step backwards from the rich mobile-web based search that Yahoo! Mobile already has, it's actually just another � and one could argue faster - way to access the same data. What we've done is provide a number of search shortcuts that you can send to 92466 (YAHOO) to receive back a set of SMS Text responses to your query. This is actually very useful just by itself, and pretty much like most SMS search services out there. But we've gone one better by providing URL links in each text message which brings you back to Yahoo Mobile's richer WAP based web pages, with more details than can fit in a text message, links and maps. It does depend on the phone as to how easy this URL is accessed � on newer phones it may be underlined like in any web page, or for Motorola Phones for example, there is a "Go To" option which will find the URL in the message and use it automagically. But the option is there, and it makes SMS Text queries quite useful for the most basic and advanced users alike.

If you think about an SMS message form, it's very similar to a search box found already on Yahoo! Search. You fill out one field with your query, press a button and great results come back. Now you don't have to fumble with bookmarks or wait for the initial Yahoo! Mobile Search form to load, you can send off your search as fast as you can send a friend a quick text message. What's more, is that we've also included functionality to do the same search just by replying to an original response � say if you've done a stock quote search for YHOO earlier in the day, instead of having to retype the query again, just send a blank reply to one of the earlier quotes and Yahoo! will send you an update automatically. [YsearchBlog]