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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do you hate walking people through router port forwarding setups?

There is a great website that some of you may know of and others may not have seen it before. We give it AtA's coveted three thumbs up.

Yes Three!

It got us out of many a looooong phone call setting someone up to forward their remote desktop or webserver ports on their brand new (insert brand name here) router.

Go online and Google plus the model of router and the program you want to forward traffic to. Calm down it sounds more difficult then it is.

So if you want instructions for a WRT54G router port forwarding VNC to your desktop you would Google this: + wrt54g + vnc

and you get back as your first search result something like this:

There your end user can find step by step instructions on how to open the router console all the way down to open the ports! Just don't give this to your paying clients :)

From Their Website: is proud to offer help setting up port forwarding on your router or firewall. Many Internet users are not aware of how to configure their router or firewall in order to use applications like Peer-to-Peer file sharing (PtoP), Internet Games, Web serving, FTP serving, WebCams, IRC DDC, and Instant Messaging such as AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and MS Messenger.

Our Routers section offers detailed walkthroughs on how to setup port forwarding. These how to guides make it easy to setup your router or firewall for any application you may need.

Routers can be tough to configure. Our Help and FAQ page gives general tips and definitions. These can help if you can't connect to your router, or are unsure of some of the terms on this page. If you do not know exactly what you are doing or are having problems, Start Here.

Try our Common Ports ports page if you need to know what ports are required by a commonly used software application. We will be adding more to this section soon! If you would like to submit ports used by a common software application, please send that information to us using our Comments page.

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