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Saturday, July 28, 2007

AtA Updates: C'mon Ask The Admin Some Questions...

We have made some more additions to the site including a language chooser for our foreign friends. Sorry guys the Russian and Arabic were not working. At least not from Google for free. We wanted to use WordLingo because it actually creates crawlable pages. Plain and simple foreingners could search in their own native language and come up with a relevant AtA post - Now that's fu%ing cool (pardon my French - but don't try translating that). Our new email system is up and is waiting for your questions.
Hit us up - try and stump us! Let us solve your technical woes...

We have made those SpotBack modifications (Actually the good folks @ SpotBack made them for us). Now the site loads and all the content comes in and then the scripts load - so you can read the site and see all the graphics while the page continues to load. Let us know if you are seeing load problems - comment with your browser and os (please). AskTheAdmin is outgrowing its britches here @ blogger. We might be taking one of those overly generous offers of hosting us. What do you guys think of Wordpress over Blogger? There seems to be a lot more fun add-ons and plug-ins over blogger. What are you thoughts young admin? What experiences have you had either way? We have had representatives stop by from Dell and IBM amongst others! Keep participating and let us know whats going on in your technical lives!

Are you pulling you hair out @ 3am over your raid array?

Your SBS won't log on your clients??

Been staring at a Blue Screen Of Death for more than 5 minutes in disbelief?

Email us! Post a comment! Tell us your troubles... Think of us as your Dear Abbey of Technology - except we give you REAL answers :) We will work with you until your problem is solved. By helping you we create a record of the problem and the solution for others to search and use.

Do you want to help The Admin staff out? Email us or leave a comment. Everything is appreciated. And submit the articles you like to the social network of your choice. This helps others find the information that has helped you.

Have a great weekend guys!
Karl L. Gechlik