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Monday, July 30, 2007

Question: Why cant i sync my tmobile Wing to my Mac using Missing Sync?

Racquel took advantage of our new AskTheAdmin a question link and writes to us:

I have a MAC OS X, VER 10.4.9 and previously used Missing Sync for Windows
Mobile 3.0.0 to sync up my MDA, now that I have upgraded to the WING I can not
sync up using Missing Sync for Windows. Is there a script that I need to down
load? I am attempting to sync via Blue tooth.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Now the major change between the wing and your MDA is that the Wing is an
official WM6 device and needs active sync 4.5 to function. They have not made
this available to Mac Osx users just yet (big surprise). So we have snagged
Racquel a work around compliments of

Here's the email: (Edit They Updated The Missing Sync for $40 to support wm6)

Missing Sync has done a great job with WM5 synchronisation
services but they refuse to port the same app to WM6 devices - they say that no
‘Real’ WM6 device has ever been released but thousands of devices at XDA Devs
are powered by mighty WM6!! Well,so what about us,Mac users? How can we sync our devices for appointments and contacts (mail and files follows!).Well,I have been
using a practical solution - A free MS Exchange Server with which you can
Active Sync your Windows Mobile on the go with WiFi/3G/GPRS/EDGE!!
This guy,Austin provides this free service (MS Exchange Server).Check it out at for this great service.Shoot out
any questions just in case

Let us know if this works out for you or do you need another solution? Don't worry I'm sure Microsoft hasn't forgotten about you and an update for Active Sync for Mac should be on its way! (don't hold your breath)