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Monday, July 16, 2007

Question: How can I install Skype on Ubuntu - if its possible?

Little Lisa writes in from chicago that her boyfriend has been trying without any success to install Skype on her Ubuntu instalation. Can we help her out? I think we can! I just hope we dont imasculate her man when he comes home to see she has done it with out his help!

After some Google Magic here is your answer Lisa - Let us know how it goes!

How to install Skype on Ubuntu
Posted by mypapit on 23 Jun
2007 in GNU/Linux, Internet Stuff, Ubuntu/Debian

Skype is perhaps the most popular client to make
calls from your computer to any phone lines in the world. With SkypeIn subscription, you can
even get an international phone number for everybody to call you, a completely
neat way for your friend in overseas to call you with cheap rates. Although
Skype is a proprietary software which uses a non-open protocol, some people
would find it useful as it enables them to make international call with cheaper
rate via SkypeOut.

Installing Skype on Ubuntu (or Debian)This how to will show you how to
install a Skype client in Ubuntu & Debian base operating system.
of all you need to start up Synaptic Package manager. Go to System->Synaptic
Administration->Synaptic Package Manager,
From Synaptic, go to
Settings->Repositories. Click on Third Party Software Tab. Click Add, and put
on this line : deb stable non-free
Click Add Sources.
Click Close, and Click ‘Reload’ at the top of
Synaptic. Now you can search for Skype, and install it from Synaptic.

Hope that will help you to install Skype on your Linux operating system.
Alternatively, If you’re a fan of open source software and open standards, then
you might want to look into Ekiga (formerly
GnomeMeeting), cheerio!