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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not so Suretype - Blackberry problem of the day

Just got this interesting one today. Nothing major, thankfully, but in the eyes of the CEO here, it is important.

Problem: Suretype is not enabled on his 7130.

Answer: Open a new email, scroll down to the body, press in the wheel change 'Enable Multitap' to 'Enable Suretype'.

Problem solved right????


The 'Enable Suretype' option isn't available! Turning the blackberry on and joy there either.

Time to hit the web and find the answer.

Went to Blackberry Forums

Found this little gem of an answer:

Try going to Settings>options >language > Input method
Check it is set to "english" not "English Multitap"
English Mutlitap changes it to single letters and not predictive text mode

Now on this blackberry, the input method was set to English, not the English Multitap. I then decided to change it to multitap, save it and then edit it again and send it back to regular English.

Suretype came back!

I love buggy software. That 7130e is a finicky creature.