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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Let The Debates Begin!: Windows Goons VS. Linux Fan Boys.

Here is a post from our new friend Simon @ SigmundVoid.com We will be doing some Microsoft vs. Linux postings (debates) between our sites. As you can tell Simon is a Linux Fanboy and we are as they call it... On the dark side...

Now we know Simon's time is spent creating or searching for custom drivers for his Linux system and trying to get things to work that really weren't made to work. You know compiling, testing and compiling some more.

What do you mean it still doesn't work?

We know that takes a lot of your Admin time Simon so hopefully you will still have some time for witty come backs :).

But on the positive side we are about to give you both sides of the story. All though we try to be fair we do usually tend to side with the big M$ because that is what we do after all. But we are not by far linux haters or penguin killers (It has its place) so we welcome Simon into the AskTheAdmin family and look forward to some heated discussions! GAME ON!


We have a new guest Blogger, Karl from Asktheadmin.com , Karl lives and breathes Microsoft, blinded by them even? So why let this crazed loon on Sigmund? Because
it helps you, I generally live by the Penguin and Karl by the assimilation team, Microsoft.

So what’s the benefits of this new series to you? Well we will be exploring topics
of what what is best for any certain situation, but because he gets a quick buck
from Microsoft to spout out unconditional garbage about MS products he will
be trying to push why MS is the way to go, and I will throwing back why
Linux is the way to go.

After each head-2-head session we will have a summary of the pros and cons
for each platform/application so you can decide for yourself, we do the research,
you reap the fruits..

Let either Karl or myself know if you have any questions/suggestions, by the
way, make sure your email doesn’t have any form of attachment, even a v-card
since Karls 50 virus killers will block your email..

My Barracuda runs Linux that filters my email. Like I said Linux still has some uses!

Ohhhh and BTW: Wow they have come a long way Linux boxes can read V-cards now??

Hit us up in the comments are you pro MS or pro Linux?

Sam sayz

My turn :)

Drivers, he does have a point, some drivers need compiling, but one could term that as initial time investment, since an MS server may require time investment over the course of its production life:) alot more time than a few drivers..:) You know, the usual deal of offending software:)

As Karl mentioned, we are not really MS haters, it also has its place, so we welcome his
Gates fanclub also…….. The need someone to look up to dont they :)

So lets get the ball rolling.. You have just been hired as an Admin for an ISP who need
your experience to setup the Infrastructure, mail, dns, web.. I think we should mail first

Karl, what would you choose?:)

Boo yah! Good question. But it depends on the needs of the organization. If it was a small company with no need for Black Berry support my choice would be IPSwitch's IMail 2006 running on a Windows 2003 standard box. I won't go into hardware specs; We will save that for another time.

Its not Microsoft are you shocked? But looking back at the question it is suppose to be an ISP so...

Lets step into a real environment with 100+ domains linked up across international sites connected by VPN's and supporting hundreds of thousands of users. For this I would choose Microsoft Exchange 2003 running SQL 2005 as the backed. Windows 2003 Server Data Center in a clustered environment. I would separate the front and back ends across multiple servers and set up redundant and fail over machines. I would set up my backup mx record to point to an external data-center with a much lower priority to facilitate any fail overs necessary. Got to achieve those 5 9's right Steve?

Exchange will provide us with OWA or Outlook Web Access, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. I will go one step further to recommend Mcafee Enterprise 8.5.1 for content/virus scanning. A Barracuda hardware appliance for spam filtering and secondary virus/content scanning.

Did I miss anything Stan?