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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hack Attack July's Month End iPhone RoundUp - Unlocking, 3rd party apps, using it as an wireless modem - Plus lots more!

Here is your askTheAdmin roundup of new iPhone information gathered just for you. Well maybe not just you but all of our loyal readers and the n00bs stumbling by! Grab your information goodness and leave us a comment or question. Well here is what you were looking for...

  • Engadget - Has a wonderful post on using your iPhone as a EDGE modem for your laptop.
Edit- This would be a lot sweeter if the damn thing came with fu%@&$! 3g like it should have!
The latest hack installs a new SOCKS server on your iPhone. Join your iPhone and laptop to the same ad-hoc WiFi network and you're pretty much good to go.
  • Gizmodo Has an article on using your iPhone as a web server - running python apps and just being 1337.
  • Macworld tells us about Sleep mode on your iPhone and how it can help save your battery life.
We’ve received a few questions about the iPhone’s sleep mode; specifically, how it compares to actually shutting down the phone. Here’s the 411:

When you shut down—by holding down the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds and then swiping the red slider control that appears—the iPhone is completely turned off. This is akin to using your Mac’s Shut Down command. (In fact, when you turn on the iPhone again, you’ll see the Apple logo on the screen as the phone boots up.) None of the iPhone’s functions work while shut down, and incoming calls are sent directly to voicemail.

When you “sleep” the iPhone—by pressing the Sleep/Wake button briefly—the screen is turned off and locked (meaning it won’t respond to touches), but the iPhone is still turned on; you can still receive calls and text (SMS) messages, and if you’ve got Mail set to automatically check for new email, it will continue to do so.

  • Gizmodo has the scoop on the iPhone Errors in the wild. Didn't Apple not want to release any thing that could effect the integrity of the iPhone? Well it looks like they shot themselves in the foot.
  • Iphone almost SIM Unlocked by the masterminds of iphone dev wiki (edit: Link removed upon request of the Wiki Admins)

  • We have a new tool for jailbreak/activation called iActivator. It's a nice end-user Mac GUI which re-implements previous exploits into one convenient application.
  • See http://iphone.fiveforty.net/wiki/index.php/IActivator for further details
  • We have a new build system for the toolchain which should make your life easier to compile it.
  • See http://iphone.fiveforty.net/wiki/index.php/Toolchain_Project for further details
  • We have confirmation of the existence of some attempt counter for the unlock:
  • with no unlock attempts +XLOCK returns: "PN",1,0,"PU",5,0,"PP",5,0,"PC",5,0,"PS",5,0
  • with unlock attempts +XLOCK returns: "PN",3,0,"PU",5,0,"PP",5,0,"PC",5,0,"PS",5,0
  • The unlock handler dies if the first number is >1 but we're still not sure of its exact meaning and how it is set due to some odd behaviour we observed.
  • Currently the semantic is believed to be:
  • 0=Unknown, 1=Default/Locked, 2=Unknown, 3=Unknown (has to do with attempts), 4=Lockable, 5=Unlocked
  • The people of #iphone-shell, particularly NerveGas, have been using Nightwatch's toolchain to build open source tools. These include a working apache installation, python, a growing binary kit including routing tools, vim, curl, and much more. They have binaries posted here

  • IpodJuice will offer battery replacement for only $45

The batteries offer the same 1400 mAh, 3.7-volt specifications as Apple’s OEM version. Not only that, ipodjuice guarantees their replacement batteries for ten years from the date of purchase. The company also claims that they’ll replace the battery on the same day they receive your iPhone and get it shipped back out later on the same business day.

Keep in mind that the $45 price does not include shipping the iPhone to ipodjuice. They do offer an option which includes shipping to and from their service center, but that total fee is $65. [TechnaBob]

SAN FRANCISCO, July 24 — Apple’s shares slumped 6 percent on Tuesday after AT&T said the early surge of iPhone buyers starting service on its network was smaller than some analysts had anticipated.