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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Download of the week: Metro for Most Smart Phones (Not The iPhone)

We bring you this free little known program for handhelds for independence day: metro.

i have been using this wonderful app going back to my palm Vx. it works on palm, pocket pc, smartphones almost everything except the iphone. Its really small does not use a lot of memory. Truly can be a life saver when you are lost on a train - Anywhere!

in case you haven't guessed it it is a update able train database and gui to get you to your transit destinations - worldwide. yes siree it will navigate your trains tubes subways and such and give you shortest destination or least amounts of transfers. check it out here: they are constantly updating it and it hasn't failed me yet.

very handy to find alternate routes or as an addition to any tourist guide.

From their website:

Métro is your free guide on PDA (Palm, PocketPC, Smartphone...) to public transport systems worldwide (more than 350 cities covered now).

Read a summary (PalmOS, PocketPC, MS Smartphone, Symbian UIQ/SonyEricsson, Symbian S60/Nokia, Symbian S80/Nokia, Symbian S90/Nokia) of all the functions offered in the software and check the complete list of covered cities. You're convinced? Download Métro now (see below) or visit the i-Métro page to use the software online (WEB, WAP or iMode).

And don't forget to read the user guide.

Karl L. Gechlik