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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dell and Wal-mart

It maybe old news that Dell is going to sell their PC`s at Wal-mart stores all across the nation. Its also old news that Dell is having financial issues.

I am or I should say - I Was; a long time Dell fan. They had exemplary customer support. Their products were rock solid and built with good hardware plus the servers were very Linux compatible :) What the heck happened? A few months ago I bought a Dell M90, the specs looked great, it was exactly what I needed. A friend of mine also bought one at the same time.

Previous to the M90`s we both had Inspirons. We had them for 3 years and treated them ok, but being on the road a lot takes its toll on them. But they never let us down, never did I have to call Dell Support for anything!

What can I say about the M90`s ? OH DEAR! comes to mind, I have gone through a power supply, hard drive. My friend has also gone through a power supply and a wireless card, it looks like his LCD is set to go as well. I also have complaints about their
servers and just a year ago they were producing quality machines. What happened?

Since they where in such a financial state did they decide to cut back on good components for their products?

Surely not, that would be suicide right?? Especially in the tech industry, right?

Did they decide to neglect the rigorous testing that they based a whole advertising campaign upon? Maybe. Truth be told, something is up, something that your average Wal-Mart customer won't give a damn about, as long as they can browse the Internet, listen to streaming country music and e-mail a 20 meg picture of their tractor pulling equipment (Stereotypical Wal-mart 'guests'?) :)

Don't think I am being a brand snob, I feel that Dell is a good brand gone bad and its a shame, the other leaders like HP, Acer etc are not any better. I have to admit it folks, this laptop is going to be sold off if I have anymore issues with it and the purchase of a Mac Pro will be on the horizion.

Dell, please concentrate on your product quality, don't let it keep sliding to the point where Jethro cant send out his pics of the tractor pull!! What is this world coming to?? Get some venture capital for crying out load, its worth it to keep the brand alive!

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