Calling all Old-school SYSOPS! It's 2007 - How do I start up my own dialin BBS? ~ Ask The Admin

Monday, July 09, 2007

Calling all Old-school SYSOPS! It's 2007 - How do I start up my own dialin BBS?

Hey Kiddies,
It's 98 degrees in NYC today, and maybe the extreme heat and musty smells of Midtown Manhattan have conjured up a crazy idea. In the obvious social pattern of evolving back to all things retro, i'd like to know how, in this day and age, to go about starting a cheap, home based dial-in bbs (i'm sure they all started out home-based). I'm assuming the hardest part of the equation would be aggregating phone lines? is there some magical way to allow one phone line to service, let's say, 10 users or 5 or 2, or anything more than 1?
Maybe this could be a collaboration? Can it be done with VoIP? can VoIP be manipulated to allow this sort of thing? How did 1 guy support 20 people dialing in back in the day? anybody out there done it, or seen it done? i mean, it seems inhuman for somebody to pay for 20 phone lines, espescially back then? Although i can clearly remember some being subscription($) based, and some always begging for donations...
Ultimately, I want to start a game of Galactic Realms, just like the old days, remembering the time when 1400 bps modems were the rage (amongst geeks like me), and i used to strive, nightly, to achieve sub-sysop status, or moderator status...
I would like to achieve this feat for the same reason i want to buy a classic Voltron (I'm 30), because if i wanted something as a kid, I still want it now.
Anybody? Any ideas?